Haggadah for the American Family

“The One You Grew Up With”

Do you have fond memories of your family Passover Seder?

Remember how beautifully and reverently the Seder table was prepared? Do you recall the Haggadah books — premiums with Chase & Sanborn coffee, collected and passed down through the years — which enabled even the youngest family members to take part in the Seder meal ritual? Don’t you wish you could find that Haggadah book — the one which made traditional Hebrew “speakable” and embraced all members of your American Jewish family?

Haggadah for the American Family by Rabbi Martin Berkowitz
Haggadah for the American Family by Rabbi Martin Berkowitz is that book — the very book you remember from your childhood Pesach — it’s

“The One You Grew Up With!”

Rabbi Berkowitz’ transliterated phonetic Hebrew Seder instruction book, featuring English and Hebrew text, is the book your parents used at your family’s traditional Seder table.

The American Haggadah cherished by generations

“Haggadah for the American Family” has long been a staple of Jewish Americans. For more than 60 years the phonetic English translations paired with traditional Hebrew passages in this Seder service have welcomed those new to the Seder while appealing to participants fluent in Hebrew.

By promoting an atmosphere of inclusion around the Seder table, this popular Haggadah for American Jews continues to be a favorite part of Passover for families across the nation.

Our Guarantee To You


Each Haggadah is brand new, unused and authenticidentical Word-For-Word with ALL previously copyrighted editions by Rabbi Martin Berkowitz of Merion, Pennsylvania.

"Chag Sameach"

Haggadah for the American Family

Genuine - Original - "The One You Grew Up With"

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